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Ryzon Apparel have been so supportive to 10IW since we started out. We were all gifted a Tri Suit for the Ironman which looked and felt great. We love what they are about - quality clothing but also sourced responsibly and sustainably. Thanks Ryzon!


We were very excited to be involved in the Adidas IWD campaign in 2019. Check out the videos here.


Lululemon London have provided us with a space where we were able to meet other members of the community and host talks and group runs. We also love their leggings and shorts for running!


Feel like trying something different to gels on long runs/rides? Check out Veloforte’s range. We were gifted a few samples to try and the ladies loved them.

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Volt and Fast

Our friends at Volt and Fast have been great supporters of 10IronWomen from the very beginning and gifted us some personalised long sleeve Ts and caps. We love their stuff so much that we have gone back to them again to get another round of short sleeve Ts and tote bags for our 10IronWomen Community. Thanks for the support Volt and Fast!

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