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The 10Ironwomen Community

From 10 to 30 to hopefully many MANY more. After completing Ironman Barcelona in 2019 we all thought ‘what next?’. We definitely didn’t want our journey to stop there so we put a post out to our followers on Instagram asking “Who's next…?”.

We couldn’t believe it when over 100 women replied. It was amazing to get such a positive response from the people who had been following our journey to IM. We soon decided to create a community where people, especially, women could feel safe. A community for women to inspire women to reach for their own triathlon goals whether that be a sprint distance or a full Ironman. Members of the community are able to stay connected via Facebook and Instagram and plan group rides and runs. We even have people in our community based in America, Hong Kong and Australia!

The community is open to EVERYONE so please check out ways to get involved here.

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